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SureSmile® for Teeth Straightening

The SureSmile orthodontic correction process is a proven method dramatically enhanced and improved with the use of advanced dental technology. The Invisalign system has become a popular option to traditional braces. As successful as this treatment has become it is still not the correct approach for all patients. If you now combine the traditional method with digital precision of Invisalign to improve both the process and the results you now have a revolutionary option, SureSmile. Edgerton and Glenn now offer this terrific alternative.


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The SureSmile Process

SureSmile was first introduced in 1998. To explain the process, it is first necessary to address the two major components that are being combined.

  • Traditional Braces- Traditional braces have been in use for decades. There have been modifications, such as placing the brackets and the arch wire on the backside of the teeth, so you cannot see the braces, or tooth colored ceramic options to make them less visible. With traditional braces, you went through an evaluation process to determine the objectives. X-rays confirm starting points, and an impression is made. Your teeth are cleaned, and the brackets are placed. After this comes the installation of the arch wire. About every four weeks, or once a month, you will need to return for a dental visit to readjust the arch wire to reapply pressure to keep the teeth moving.
  • Invisalign- The process begins with a digital scan of your teeth and gums. Then the scan is entered into a CAD/CAM system. The first product is a computer- generated 3D model of your teeth after treatment. When the goal is approved the system creates a series of transparent plastic trays that are digitally designed to apply pressure on the teeth that need to be moved. These trays need to be worn every day for 20 to 22 hours to be successful. Then every two weeks a new tray is introduced to continue the gentle pressure application. Even though over five million patients have successfully used the Invisalign system, it still is not for everyone. You must be very disciplined to wear the trays, or you will not reach your goal. The popularity of Invisalign is the fact that they are not visible in your mouth, and you can remove them to brush and floss your teeth properly.

The process begins with our team professionally cleaning your teeth. The first step is the capturing of 3D scans of your teeth with a device called Cone Beam Computed Tomography. This advanced technology allows us to see each tooth from all angles and the total interaction of the teeth as an entire arch, including the bite patterns. Edgerton and Glenn can determine the desired position of every tooth with virtual simulation tools and then create the most effective plan to treat your specific needs.

The second step is more advanced technology. The digitized treatment plan is now sent to a robot which is used to shape a memory arch wire according to that digital plan. The arch wire, made from nickel titanium with a copper core, is heated to 1000 degrees during the customization process. Your digitally planned program is captured in the arch wire, which is activated with your body temperature. The positioning of each bracket, established from the 3D imagery, and the absolute precision of the arch wire makes the accuracy of the SureSmile system unparalleled.

Lingual braces are when the brackets and arch wire are mounted on the back side of your teeth. This method can also be accomplished with SureSmile, called SureSmile QT. The same robotic technology is used to deliver the same accurate and efficient results. This method is used often if you do not want the braces to be visible when you smile. Edgerton and Glenn can get creative. An example might be the lingual process with SureSmile on the upper teeth and then use clear ceramic braces on the bottom teeth.

The Benefits of using SureSmile Orthodontic Treatment

Current research has proven that the SureSmile process will deliver the results of your goal driven alignment 29% to 33% faster. This is a demonstrable improvement if you have made the commitment to wear braces for a period of six to 20 months.

With the advancement of the memory arch wire, you will also need fewer appointments. The arch wire can do more through the advanced design. The technology allows for automatic continuous readjustments over the course of the treatment. Fewer visits become a win-win for you and us.

The efficiency and the accuracy have now been proven numerous times. A more accurate finished product achieved in less time. Edgerton and Glenn are still in control throughout the entire process. You will experience less discomfort with SureSmile. With the memory arch wire delivering constant pressure you do not go through the constant manual adjustments that subject you to discomfort at that time.

The cost of the SureSmile treatment is not necessarily more than traditional braces. It is hard to determine since every patient and their alignment goals are different as well as the level of complexity to complete the correction.

Proper Care of you SureSmile Braces

You will need to care for your SureSmile braces as you would traditional braces. You must brush frequently, even more than twice a day to remove food particles that will get stuck around the brackets and the arch wire. Flossing is difficult since you cannot get between the teeth because of the arch wire so we will suggest that you consider a water pick. This will allow you to be efficient in keeping both your teeth, your gums, and your SureSmile braces clean of any unwanted food debris.

The treatment you are considering is a good example of teamwork. Edgerton and Glenn and the advanced technology of SureSmile can design a plan to improve your smile. A smile that often undervalued. A smile that is the absolute foundation of your self-esteem and your self-confidence, influencing your personal circles, your social encounters, or a professional environment. The time you wear your SureSmile braces is but a snapshot of your entire life. You need to compliment the teamwork with good oral hygiene. Maintain your quality care and enjoy your improved quality of life while protecting your investment in your smile.


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