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Dental Exams & Regular Cleanings

A dentistry appointment at Edgerton and Glenn is not reserved for when you are experiencing tooth pain or you accidentally chip a tooth. Instead, regular dental exams and cleaning are the best way to prevent emergency appointments from cavities, gum pain or infections. While some emergencies cannot be prevented, like a car accident, issues like tooth decay, oral cancer and root canals can all be detected early and treated without future problems.

Who should see a dentist for regular exams?

Everyone in the family from the children with their baby teeth to grandparents with full sets of dentures should regularly see the dentist at very minimum every six months in addition to their twice daily at home dental cleaning routine. Not only are children as susceptible to cavities, but their baby teeth need supervision to make sure they are growing in correctly and without disease or decay. While children eventually lose their baby teeth, those first set are just as important as their later, more permanent teeth.

As for the adult members of the family, routine cleanings and exams are important habits to start and maintain throughout your life. As you age from young adult to adult to senior citizen, your risk for oral infection increases. Additionally, as your teeth age, the enamel ages as well and weakens opening the door to cavities. Again, at home brushing and flossing twice daily will help keep your mouth healthy, dentist can perform a more thorough cleaning and screen for more serious oral issues.


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Regular Dental Exam Expectations

During your visit with the dentist, the dentist will examine your mouth with various pieces of equipment and specialized tools. These will help the dentist perform a thorough cleaning of your teeth and mouth and execute various examinations of different aspects of your mouth for disease.

  • Gum disease – the dentist will look closely at your gums and the teeth near the gum line to check for periodontal disease
  • Tooth decay- the dentist will check each tooth for weakening enamel, cracks or areas of serious plaque buildup which are signs of decay and eventual cavities or infection.
  • Existing restorations- the dentist will check any fillings, crowns or other tooth restorations for signs of serious wear and tear allowing for infection or future issue.
  • X-rays- the images allow the dentist to see what is going on below the surface of your teeth. X-rays will show the dentist how dense a tooth is, how the root looks below the gum line, tumors, growths, cysts, or places of decay. Once the dentist has more than one set of x-rays to compare from past visits to current visits, the dentist can have a more complete set of data to monitor your dental health.
  • Oral cancer screening- the dentist can closely scrutinize your teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks, lips and throat for signs of cancer or abnormal growths to biopsy or further investigate.
  • Education- the dentist can review with you the best ways to keep your mouth healthy at home from how to brush and floss to which areas of your mouth may need more attention. The dentist can even review with you tips to keep your mouth healthy that include avoiding sugar, adequate water intake and foods to eat the nutrients you need to keep a strong, healthy smile.

Deep Teeth Cleaning Information

Occasionally, adults who brush and floss twice a day, visit the dentist twice a year, and maintain healthy diets still run into problems with gum disease. When the dentist detects gum disease in one or more areas of the mouth, the dentist may recommend a more thorough cleaning involving cleaning below the gum line with special tools. This is referred to as a scaling and root planing or a deep cleaning and it removes tartar buildup, debris and bacteria from below the gums which is causing inflammation of the gum. If the gum inflammation and infection, or gingivitis, is not addressed it can lead to more serious stages of gum disease which include tooth and bone loss.

Before the dentist performs the deep cleaning, the dentist will use local anesthetic to help you stay comfortable during the procedure. After the dentist is finished, you may have to use a course of antibiotics or an antibiotic mouth wash to help your mouth heal and strengthen.

Keeping Dental Visits to a Minimum

No one can avoid the dentist all together, but you can absolutely keep your visits to a minimum. Brushing at home twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and soft brush is a start. Flossing as a part of your twice daily routine helps break up any food particles left behind and loosens any plaque building up on the teeth. Some people choose to rinse with a mouth wash or antibacterial rinse to help the gums stay healthy and disease free. Eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and avoiding high sugar and high acid foods will help keep out of the dentist’s chair.

Dental Cleaning & Examination Costs

Costs for each procedure vary depending on how long the procedure takes, what materials the procedure requires, how many visits the procedure requires, and the amount of work the dentist is required to do. It may surprise you to know, but dental insurance may cover some of the costs for these as well as elective procedures as they lead to improved overall dental health and long term benefits. If you do not have dental insurance coverage or you have any questions about payment options for your treatment plan, you are more than welcome to talk to our staff at any time. Your budget’s health is just as important as your mouth’s health.


High Quality Care You Can Trust

At Edgerton & Glenn Cosmetic and General Dentistry. We strive to build relationships with our patients. You are more than just teeth, you are our patient and friend and we want to help you to achieve and maintain oral health as best we can. We look forward to meeting you and talking about what is best for you and your mouth. Please contact us to set up a dental exam or teeth cleaning appointment at (910) 256-9230.