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All on Four for Multiple Fixed Teeth Restoration & Cosmetics

All-on-4 is an implant procedure for patients who are looking for a solution to a fixed restoration of their teeth. This procedure uses four unique dental implants for support. These four implants can support an entire arch or entire upper or lower jaw full of teeth. The All-on-4 option offers a great alternative to patients who have dentures but prefer a permanently placed restoration versus the constant upkeep of taking dentures in and out every day.

Even patients who have been denied dental implant procedures in the past due to bone loss may be able to have their smiles restored with the All-on-4 technique. In fact, not just the patients who have suffered bone loss, but nearly all denture patients and patients who have found that crown and bridgework are no longer are effective treatments can look to the All-on-4 treatment to have a complete and permanent smile.

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How All on 4 Works

Prior to the innovation of All-on-4 implants, patients who wanted a dental implant underwent almost a year of treatment when the dentist would extract the teeth, allow for six months of healing and denture wearing, bone grafting and more healing, placing the implants, six month healing time with more denture wearing and then finally placing the false tooth on the healed implant. Now, with the advent of the All-on-4 procedure, the entire process, from extraction to implant placement to fixed teeth, is possible in just one day.

In the past, if a patient wanted to replace a denture with a full arch, six to ten implants were necessary to properly support all the teeth and offer enough strength. Now, using the laws of physics and stronger materials, when the end implants are placed at angles, their strength is increased and fewer implants are required. Two anterior implants stand upright and two posterior implants are placed at 45-degree angles. The special placement of these implants is that the All-on-4 is able to be placed in mouths that may otherwise require a bone graft due to jaw atrophy. Four to six implants saves thousands of dollars.

The dense bone that remains in the front part of the jaws offers an ideal place for the implants and the approach of placing the other two implants on an angle helps avoid the sinus cavities and the nerve canal. In the end, you have new teeth that do not need to be removed, like dentures. With only four implants, the procedure again helps reduce the pain for the patient. Finally, a prototype bridge is placed and can be used like normal teeth just the way that the permanent bridge can be used like normal teeth once it is installed.

All on Four Materials

The All-on-4 Immediate Implant is made from multiple components. Because titanium has been found to be able to graft with human bone, the implant fixtures are made from titanium. The implant fixtures are made to echo the roots of your natural teeth and the titanium composition allows for the bone to attach to it.

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All on Four Dental Implants Benefits

Dentists are performing this procedure on patients who were once restricted to dentures and did not have the option of dental implants in the past due to the technology failing to meet their needs. With the advancements those same people can:

  • Have an affordable solution to their missing teeth
  • Have a full, attractive smile
  • Experience the ease of dental implants despite bone loss
  • Experience a reduction in the risk of future bone loss
  • Walk out with a prototype immediately fixed in place
  • No longer struggle with the frustration of dentures
  • Implant placement can be completed in one visit reducing the time from the start of the treatment to its end results
  • Allows you to never wear dentures again
  • Reduction in recovery time
  • Reduction in implant cost over single tooth or bridge implant
  • Easy maintenance, like natural teeth
  • Ability to eat any kind of food
  • Experience long term results
  • Restore a younger appearance without sagging from missing teeth
  • Experience more self-confidence
  • An overall improved quality of life

While All-on-4 offers amazing benefits, the treatment also does not come without drawbacks. Instead of each tooth having its own root, the four implants replace all of these fourteen individual root systems.

All on Four Aftercare

In most cases, research has shown that placing the implants immediately after tooth extraction can improve the outcomes of the procedure. Dentists have seen that patients can resume a normal diet in just six weeks after the implants are placed. The more closely you follow the after-care instructions from the dentist, the better the results you will experience.

During the days and weeks following the more invasive appointments, eating softer foods will keep you comfortable. Once the healing process takes hold, you can gradually include harder and more abrasive foods. Once your dentist has completed your All-on-4 procedure, and you are fully healed, you need to take care of your teeth and your jaw to keep your overall health strong.

All on Four Costs

Costs for each procedure vary depending on how long the procedure takes, what materials the procedure requires, how many visits the procedure requires, and the amount of work the dentist is required to do. It may surprise you to know, but dental insurance may cover some of the costs for these as well as elective procedures as they lead to improved overall dental health and long term benefits. If you do not have dental insurance coverage or you have any questions about payment options for your treatment plan, you are more than welcome to talk to our staff at any time. Your budget’s health is just as important as your mouth’s health.

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