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Dental Bridges for Tooth Replacement

A dental bridge is a means of replacing a missing tooth by attaching a false tooth to your natural teeth on either side of the gap, or using the existing teeth to anchor a replacement tooth or teeth on either side. Where a dental implant uses a titanium rod in the gums to replace a missing tooth, a dental bridge forms attachment points on either side to replace a missing tooth. And like dental implants, dental bridges help improve the overall look of your smile by filling in gaps from missing teeth. Dental bridges are unique in the added protection they offer the surrounding teeth by helping hold them in place. A more complete set of teeth and a sturdier, more complete set of teeth help you to chew and to talk with less effort. In addition, a dental bridge is an effective of preventing remaining teeth from loosening or even from falling out. When left untreated, the tissue surrounding the area of missing teeth are more likely to suffer from infection or decay.

Unlike dental implant, most people are healthy enough to be candidates for a dental bridge procedure. If you have suffered tooth loss and think that a dental bridge may be the right treatment plan for you, then make an appointment with the dentist to have a consultation. You and your dentist can take the time to discuss your dental history and decide if a dental bridge is the best option for your long term health.

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Dental Bridges Procedure

Over the course of a few dental appointments, the entire dental bridge procedure can be started and completed. If you are someone who suffers from a more severe case of tooth loss, then your dental bridge work may require more visits. For your first appointment once you and your dentist at Edgerton and Glenn decide that a dental bridge is the best option, the dentist and the hygienist will focus on preparing the surrounding teeth for the bridge placement. The dentist or hygienist may contour, shape or file your teeth to best prepare the area for the next step. The replacement tooth and the whole dental bridge is custom designed and fabricated in a lab to make sure it fits your mouth specifically. The shape of the tooth, the color, and size are all taken into consideration to create the best fitting and most natural looking bridge for your needs. The lab will take time to properly address each aspect of the bridge and this will take time to ensure it is completed correctly. In some cases, while the permanent bridge is finalized, you will wear a temporary bridge until your next appointment.

After your consultation, the lab will finalized your dental bridge and you will have your follow up appointment, about a week or two of the initial visit. Your dentist will affix the dental bridge on your teeth and then checked for, texture, size, shape, and color. Once you an you dentist agree that the dental bridge looks good and feels good, the dentist will cement the dental bridge in place.

Dental Bridge Benefits

When the dental bridge is properly placed and well-maintained, you will find the bridge to be comfortable and immediately change the gap in your smile to a complete smile. Additionally, bridges do not need to be removed to clean or maintain, the way that dentures require daily care. Most times dental bridges increase comfort while biting and eating, and over time, the bridge will begin to feel like your natural teeth. In the instances of missing teeth and gaps, dental bridges help complete your bite, which in turn, prevents premature wearing of your teeth.

Dental Bridge Materials

Dental bridges are made of many materials but the best ones are long lasting and most resemble natural teeth. For that reason, most dentists choose porcelain. The porcelain is often mistaken for a natural tooth after it is polished due to its look. Porcelain is not only long lasting, but it is strong and can be treated just like a natural tooth when it comes to chewing.

Caring For Your Dental Bridge

During the days and weeks following the more invasive appointments, eating softer foods will keep you comfortable. Once the healing process takes hold, you can gradually include harder and more abrasive foods. Once your dentist has completed work on your dental bridge and you are fully healed with your new bridge in place, you need to treat your dental bridge like your natural teeth.

Dental Bridge Costs

Costs for each procedure vary depending on how long the procedure takes, what materials the procedure requires, how many visits the procedure requires, and the amount of work the dentist is required to do. It may surprise you to know, but dental insurance may cover some of the costs for these as well as elective procedures as they lead to improved overall dental health and long term benefits. If you do not have dental insurance coverage or you have any questions about payment options for your treatment plan, you are more than welcome to talk to our staff at any time. Your budget’s health is just as important as your
mouth’s health.


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