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Full Mouth Reconstruction for Complete Oral Health Rehabilitation and Dental Restoration

Full mouth reconstruction is a multi-step process whereby the dentist removes any old dental work and replaces it with new dental work to improve your overall dental health. Full mouth reconstruction is just that; it involves removing any old fillings, veneers, crowns. Once the old dental work is removed and the wilmington dentists have a clean slate to improve your bite, the dentist will use a variety of approaches and treatment options. Most of the time the dentist will not only improve your health with dental implants, gum therapy, and braces, but the dentist will help create a beautiful mouth.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Wilmington

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Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures

At Edgeron & Glenn General and Cosmetic Dentistry, the wide range of dental procedures can be tailored to your individual needs, including, but not limited to the following:

Gum Therapy

To best prepare your mouth for any invasive or non-invasive treatment, the dentist will make sure your mouth is a healthy canvas. The gum therapy will help clean the teeth of any infections or bacteria along the gums. This will allow your mouth to receive its new work in the best shape possible and minimize any complications that could arise from inflammation or unaddressed infections. This scaling of your teeth can take more than one appointment to complete, but it is a necessary step to keep you as healthy as possible during the full mouth reconstruction process.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns or dental caps are a way for the dentist to fill gaps with a tooth-shaped cap. The dental crown is placed on top of a tooth or teeth to restore a damaged area. The crown functions to protect the remaining tooth structure. It will improve your overall oral hygiene, and it will help you chew and bite more firmly and more thoroughly. These improvements lead to more improvements with the other systems in the body, such as your digestive system. When crowns are porcelain or ceramic, they are shaded to match your surrounding teeth, but they can be constructed using a wide variety of materials, including resin, metal, ceramic, or porcelain. Also consider dental bridges for missing teeth replacement. Request a consultation appointment today.

Bone Grafting

If you have had a tooth or teeth missing for an extended period of time, the dentist may need to talk to you about a bone graft. When a missing tooth remains unaddressed for a long enough time, the greater risk for the jawbone deterioration is greater. When the tooth replacement intervention takes place early enough, it may be possible to restore the lost bone tissue with a dental bone graft. Due to the number of variances that can occur with grafting procedures, the dental bone graft success can never guaranteed. Knowing this, the dentist will determine if the best course of action for you is to have a dental bone graft. Then to perform the graft procedure itself, the dentist uses bone or synthetic material to try to restore bone tissue growth in the area or areas where the loss has occurred.

Dental Implants

Dental implants or permanently placed “false teeth” are a means of helping you complete your smile so you don’t have to hide your toothy grin or struggle to chew or bite due to missing teeth. Dental implants use titanium to secure the replacement tooth in place and this helps strengthen the jawbone after the loss of tooth and its root. With the added help of the titanium, the jaw is less likely to suffer additional bone loss. Dentists and oral surgeons place the titanium post surgically below the gum line. After the surgery, the gums heal around the titanium post and the dentist will then attach the replacement tooth to the titanium post. The post is strong enough to secure one tooth in place or a bridge, a false tooth or teeth attached to a tooth already in your mouth on either side of the gap. The dental implant, like a replacement hip or knee, is composed of titanium as this is the only metal capable of grafting to human bone.

Root Canals

Root canal therapy, or as you have more likely heard it root canal, is a means of dental treatment that addresses an infected tooth at its pulp or root. The pulp of a tooth does not infect easily and usually is a result of a cavity spreading to the pulp or a cracked tooth allowing direct access to the pulp for bacteria. The living connective tissue that is the pulp reacts to infection the same way that your tonsils do when you have a sore throat. The infection causes pain, inflammation, pressure and tenderness and in order to properly address the infected pulp, a root canal procedure will be necessary.


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Caring for Full Mouth Reconstruction

It is not uncommon to experience some irritation or residual numbness after various procedures. While your mouth is more sensitive, take care to avoid hot or cold beverages. Also, minimize eating sticky foods to limit your discomfort.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Costs

Costs for each procedure vary depending on how long the procedure takes, what materials the procedure requires, how many visits the procedure requires, and the amount of work the dentist is required to do. It may surprise you to know, but dental insurance may cover some of the costs for these as well as elective procedures as they lead to improved overall dental health and long term benefits. If you do not have dental insurance coverage or you have any questions about payment options for your treatment plan, you are more than welcome to talk to our staff at any time. Your budget’s health is just as important as your
mouth’s health.


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