What is the Problem with missing teeth?

Missing teeth are uncomfortable for you, and your mouth. Living with missing teeth is entirely possible, you may choose soft foods or favor one side of your jaw to chew your food. However, over time missing teeth can lead to long term problems in your jaw strength, or jaw structure. Overall, if you are living with missing teeth you are not living your life on your own terms. Whether consciously or not, you are making choices in your diet and lifestyle based on missing teeth. Luckily, modern dentistry has many different solutions for missing teeth replacement.

What problems can missing teeth cause?

  • Infections- Infections can have long term effects on your body. Missing teeth leave more surface area of exposed gum, which is susceptible to gum infections and food particles. Infections can delay the healing process or affect your choices for tooth replacement. Be sure to care for your dental hygiene with extra precision and attention if you are living with missing teeth.
  • Other Tooth Damage- Missing teeth are like bad apples, spoiling the bunch. If you lost teeth due to dental decay and infections, odds are much higher other teeth will suffer without action. Living with missing teeth will impact the other teeth in your mouth and disrupt the delicate ergonomic balance of your mouth.
  • Jaw and Bone structure- Missing teeth will disrupt your jaw. You may not notice, but chewing, speaking, and smiling are all affected by your missing teeth. Over time this can lead to loss of the jaw bone density, which will be very important for implant replacement. It can also lead to more severe temporomandibular jaw issues, disease, and pain. Pain along your jaw, up your mandible, and into your temple should be cause to see someone promptly.
  • Mental Health- Missing teeth make you less likely to smile, it’s that simple. Missing teeth will cause you to choose not to smile, not to eat what you love, and not to feel proud of yourself. Living with missing teeth puts you at a higher risk for depression, lower self esteem, lower confidence, and shame. Mental health is so important, do not ignore this problem while it gets worse. Take charge and nip this in the bud.

What are the top replacement options for missing teeth?

Missing teeth replacement has been happening for a long time. Every year new materials and procedures are used that make this commonplace process more seamless.

  • Dental Implants: The gold standard of teeth replacement. Dental implant are incredibly secure in your jaw, pristine and toothlike, and strong and durable. Dental implants require multiple stages and a small surgical insertion. Discuss options with your dentist to begin.
  • Dentures: Dentures have come a long way and are very common. Dentures can be anchored in your mouth with an implant, snapped on, or attached via dental adhesive.
  • Bridges: Bridges can be attached to other healthy tooth material, and are a great option to replace 1-3 teeth on average. The replacement teeth must all be in a row for a bridge to be ideal.
  • Crowns: Crowns can be attached over a decayed or broken tooth. Some tooth material may be removed in order to attach the crown to a strong root structure.

Speak with your dentist or dental care team today to discuss options, then call your insurance and ask about your coverage options.

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