Can you get Veneers with missing teeth?

Veneers are an option to replace decayed teeth or fill in gaps in your smile. However, Veneers are attached to healthy tooth material-particularly roots. So, Veneers may not be the right solution for everyone. Replacing your missing teeth, whether there is healthy material or not, is a pretty important step to protect your jaw and dental health.

Why should you replace missing teeth?

Missing teeth should be replaced to prevent gaps in your smile and jawline.

  • Smile-Missing teeth can make you self conscious of your smile, which will cause you to smile less. While this seems like an isolated issue, feelings self doubt can breed depression, shame, and mental health complications. In a time when we are all paying more attention to our mental health, having confidence in your smile may be a very important choice.
  • Jaw- Replacing missing teeth also protects your mouth and jawbone structure. When you chew with missing teeth, or mush and gnar, you are altering the ergonomics of your mouth. Over time this can lead to pain, discomfort, clicking, and actually alter the structure of your jaw. It can also lead to infections of Temporomandibular jaw disorder.
  • Diet- When your are living with missing teeth you will make dietary decisions based on what you are able to chew comfortably. This may not always be the most healthy choice, you cannot live on buttery and soft mashed potatoes. Having a complete faculty of your jaw and teeth allows you to choose healthy and nutritious options on your terms, not your gums.

What are the options for tooth replacement?

Discuss options with your dental care team, no one option is right for everyone. Teeth replacement dates back centuries, and has come a long way in the modern era. You have many options for teeth replacement, learn which one may be right for you.

  • Dental Implants- Dental Implants are the obvious option for your teeth replacement. Dental Implants give you control over the materials used, durability, appearance, and they are very secure in their attachment to your jaw. Dental implants take some time, there is an initial surgery you must heal from. A dental anchor is inserted into the gumline of your jaw, and must heal for a couple of months on average.
  • Bridges- Bridges are used to replace a couple teeth in a row surrounded by otherwise healthy tooth material. They are anchored by your other teeth, and take less time on average than dental implants. They should be secure, but can be removed relatively easily.
  • Crowns or Caps- Crowns are placed over tooth material. If you crack a tooth, the decaying material may be removed and a crown or cap may be placed over the healthy root structure. This is similar to the process of veneers.
  • Veneers- The gold standard in beautiful, porcelain white teeth. Veneers are beautiful and usually are done in complete sets. Tooth material is removed into a small cap, and porcelain or other materials are shaped to replace your teeth.

Which is right for you?

Every patient is different. Begin by discussing tooth replacement with your care team, and see what options they recommend. Contact your insurance and ask what tooth replacement options may be covered. Take care of your teeth, smile, and enjoy.

Best Option for Replacing Missing Teeth