What are All on Four Dental Implants?

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All on four dental implants are the result of two improving technologies coming together. The dental implant being the one method and the denture being the second. Over 35 million Americans today are missing their upper arch of teeth or both arches and are looking for an acceptable option in this common problem. They can get a common set of dentures or expensive individual implants, or combine the two for a state of the art solution.

The Traditional Denture

A denture is a removable appliance to replace teeth. If you have lost an arch of teeth a flesh colored acrylic tray is made to sit on your arch and then artificial teeth are placed in that tray to mimic your natural teeth. There are a variety of dentures but in concept they are the same. Fabricated in a lab they affix to your gums with an adhesive for the day and are intended to be removed while sleeping.

The Dental Implant

If you have lost a tooth that gap should be filled or the neighboring teeth will shift into that gap creating bite and speech issues. An implant is drilling a hole into the jawbone and placing a titanium post into that hole. The post will adhere to the jawbone over a short period of time. An extension, or abutment, is attached to the post to then carry the artificial tooth, or crown. Seen as the best alternative to a natural tooth it maintains the integrity of the strength of the jawbone minimizing the loss of any bone structure.

The Combination of the All on 4 Dental Implant

Now you simply combine the two methods. The procedure does take time with several visits. The four posts must first be surgically implanted and then allowed to fuse to the bone. Once that has been successfully accomplished the post abutments are added. During the time you are waiting for the posts to fuse the acrylic tray, or denture, is being fabricated in the lab. When ready the acrylic tray will be snapped in place on the four abutments. There will be four receivers on the underside of the acrylic tray that line up with the post abutments. The result is a secure replacement for your natural teeth.

The Benefits of All on 4 Dental Implants

The life expectancy of all on four dental implants is currently over ten years. The posts not only give you the benefit of maintaining bone integrity but they also secure the tray in place for both biting, chewing and speaking. This solution has also proven to be the best when it comes to potential facial changes as the result of losing your natural teeth. More time and care is put into the fabrication creating the best possible replacement for your natural teeth. Currently over three million all on four dental implants are created now each year so the technology continues to evolve and improve. Even though the dentist will initially do everything possible to keep the natural teeth, know that the all on four dental implant has become a very viable option.

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