How Long Does a Dental Bridge Last?

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A wilmington dental bridge is a dental prosthesis that is used to replace one or more missing teeth. Bridges rely on healthy neighboring teeth for stability and support. If properly cared for, a dental bridge can last a lifetime.

What could cause a dental bridge to fail?

The biggest factor playing into the success of a bridge is the health of the teeth that anchor it. A bridge is made of two crowns that are attached to one another by one or more fake teeth, or pontics, and the crowns fit over the anchoring teeth. These two healthy teeth are prepared for crowns which involve your dentist removing some tooth structure on each surface to allow the crown to fit over the tooth snuggly and not take up more space than is available.

If the anchoring teeth develop decay, the bridge could become compromised and need to be replaced.

Caring For Your Dental Bridge

Your dentist and hygienist will help you learn how to properly brush and floss around your dental bridge. It is extremely important to make sure you clean your bridge thoroughly every day and use floss threaders to allow you to floss under the bridge. Some patients also like to add a WaterPik to their routine once they have received a dental bridge. Without flossing and using a WaterPik, food particles can be left behind under your bridge and cause decay in the anchoring teeth. Using fluoride products can strengthen teeth and also help prevent decay.

Regular check-ups with your dentist are important to maintain after dental restoration. At each cleaning, your dentist will be able to check the integrity of your bridge to make sure that it is stable and secure.

Prevent Your Bridge From Failing

Decay is the biggest culprit when it comes to failing dental restorations. It is best to avoid foods that are known to cause cavities and maintain a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables. If you eat something that is sticky or very crunchy, try not to chew it with your bridge.

Overall, dental bridges are a great option to restore a few missing teeth. With proper care and maintenance, your dental bridge can easily last at least 10 years. If you have healthy teeth and good oral hygiene habits, your bridge may be able to last a lifetime.

It is important to contact your dentist if your bridge becomes loose or falls out. Your dentist can temporarily re-cement the bridge but oftentimes, a bridge falls out for a reason and will need to be replaced.

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