All on Four vs All on Six Dental Implants

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The technology for the wilmington All on four or six dental implant has been in use for now over ten years. With now over three million a year being used as natural teeth replacement they have an over 98% success rate. The replacement solution combines the technology of two other options; that of a traditional denture and a dental implant.

What is a Dental Implant?

When you lose a tooth, it is advisable to get it replaced in a very timely fashion or the neighboring teeth with shift into that gap creating a problem with biting, chewing and speech. Often times a bridge has and will be used. A dental implant is the best alternative. A titanium post will be surgically placed into the jawbone. Once the post has fused to the bone an abutment extension will be placed on the post and then a beautifully fabricated white crown will be affixed to the abutment. Not only is it the most natural solution but the post keeps the jaw from losing bone mass as well as delivering a better sensation when it comes to bite pressure and even temperature change.

The All on Dental Implant Procedure

Once the posts are fused to the bone and then abutment extensions are placed, a dental lab will have fabricated an acrylic tray that sits snuggly on the arch and held in place with dental adhesive. The posts allow the tray to snap into place and avoid the use of the adhesive. Molding into the tray are your new artificial teeth.

The Difference between All on 4 and All on 6

Many dental offices will agree that the all on six will deliver an even better solution. The benefits of six posts over four is a stronger bite, more sensation for both biting and chewing pressure as well as temperature changes for hot and cold. It will also maintain even healthier bone structure as well as facial composition. A detailed conversation with the dentist should be had prior to initiating the procedure. The surgery will be longer with six posts, the healing process might be longer and the increase in cost will reflect these elements. So, after an evaluation the decision lies with yourself and the dentist evaluating the benefits of either approach.

The Benefits of an All on Dental Implant

As mentioned earlier you will see an improvement in biting, chewing and speaking over a traditional denture. You will not have to deal with dental adhesives. The appliance is still removable and should be taken out every evening during sleep. This allows you to brush and keep the appliance clean as well as brushing the gums of your arch. Do not forget the contribution this solution makes to the invaluable asset of your smile. Your smile is the foundation of your self-esteem and your self-confidence. Having a very natural solution for your missing teeth will allow you to maintain a healthy smile in both personal and professional circles. The all on four or six dental implant is a very viable replacement option.

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