All on Four Dental Implant Reviews

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All trained professionals in the dental industry will do everything in their power to help a patient keep their natural teeth. There are many replacement alternatives, but none are the original natural body parts. For the all on four dental implant wilmington nc solution there are some positive conclusions and there are some negative consequences that should be addressed when the initial consultation suggests this solution.

Positive Results from the All on 4 Dental Implant

Once it is determined that your natural teeth need to be replaced the all on four is a viable option. Combining two technologies for contemporary and satisfactory results. Four titanium post are implanted into your jaw bone, in either the upper or lower arch. These posts will become fused to the bone anchoring or stabilizing the replacements. An abutment extension is put on the post and then an acrylic tray fabricated in a dental lab with artificial teeth snaps on to the four abutments. The posts create a good result for biting, chewing and comfortable speech.

Putting a Value on the Smile

All on four dental implants have now been in the market for over 10 years with over a 98% success rate. There are now over three million of these being fabricated a year. With no adhesive holding the tray in place you can have confidence that your smile is back to normal and once again an asset. The life expectancy is at least 10 years to date.

Enjoying Sensations

Some patients report that they appreciate feeling the force of a bite, of chewing and even enjoy the sensations of hot and cold. The posts implanted in the jaw also help maintain the integrity of the bone minimizing bone loss and facial changes.

Some Negative Points to Impact All on 4 Dental Implants

Often times the four posts are focused more towards the front of the arch and not where the molars use to be, which is also where the majority of the biting force is. The acrylic tray should be reinforced with more than a simple metal base to extend the life of the tray.

All on four dental implants can be an expensive procedure that make the solution cost prohibitive for some patients. If done correctly it may take several procedures and there might be a period of inconvenience. The surgical procedure might be difficult for some patients and depending on the condition of the jawbone the fusing of the posts may not always be successful.

The Benefits of All on 4 Dental Implants

With the millions done annually the positive results far outweigh the negatives. One could argue that replacing 14 teeth with four posts is not adequate. Some dentists would prefer six or eight posts per arch. The all on four is a viable option that work for many patients giving them the benefits of speech, biting and chewing normally as well as delivering a beautiful smile once again. A research based consultation should be scheduled with the dentist looking at your particular set of circumstances addressing the pros and cons prior to initiating the procedure.

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