What are Partial Dentures?

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A partial denture is a dental prosthetic that works to replace a few missing teeth in one specific area of your mouth. Partial dentures in wilmington north carolina rely on neighboring healthy teeth to anchor them in place. Partial dentures can be removed by the patient for easy cleaning and maintenance. Sometimes, a fixed bridge is not ideal for one reason or another and a partial denture might be the way to go! Dentures are often less costly than other dental prosthetics and your dentist can help you determine if a partial denture is the best treatment plan for you.

Healthy teeth can begin to shift into an open space so it is important to fill that space with a proper dental prosthetic. When healthy teeth shift, they compromise the bone structure and can become loose and cause problems in the future. Replacing missing teeth also allows you to speak and chew more naturally.

Further Benefits of a Partial Denture

Since they are removable, partial dentures are easier to clean and maintain on a daily basis then dental bridges or dental implants. Dental implants are also significantly invasive and more expensive. A partial is easier to repair than implants or fixed dental bridges since they can be easily removed!

How much does a partial denture cost?

The biggest variable when determining the cost of a partial denture is simply the number of teeth being replaced. Other fees that may come into play will include any extractions that need to be taken care of and any bone grafts that may be needed. Your dentist will be able to provide you with a treatment plan for the cost of your denture and your oral surgeon will be able to give you an estimate for your extractions and/or bone grafts.

Can I eat with my partial denture?

Absolutely! Eating and speaking normally is exactly what your partial denture is for! You may find it take some time to adapt to having a dental prosthesis in your mouth but once you do, you should be able to enjoy all the food you did before!

OK! What about sleeping?

Sadly, this one’s a “no”. All dentures are not meant to be slept in, including partial dentures. Dentures do you apply pressure to your gums throughout the day so it is important to allow them a little recovery time while you sleep. If you clench or grind your teeth in your sleep, this could cause significant damage to your partial denture and shorten their lifespan. So before bed, remove your denture clean it thoroughly and brush your teeth and gums every night and every morning.

A fixed dental bridge and individual dental implants are wonderful dental restorations but they are not available to everyone. If you are considering a dental prosthesis, speak with your dentist to determine if a partial denture is right for you and will best fulfill your individual needs and lifestyle.

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