How Much Does a Tooth Extraction Cost?

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You dentist told you that it is time for you to have your wisdom teeth removed and you are not ready to spend money on a surgery you don’t need. Or do you? It is true that you need your teeth to chew and that the molars in the back of your mouth work extra hard on breaking down larger bites and denser foods. Wouldn’t another set of molars help with that? Not necessarily.

Over time, your wisdom teeth can move the other teeth in your mouth and affect your bite, they can come in crooked and cause unnecessary pain or they can even be too far back in your mouth to brush and floss them properly to keep them healthy. Considering these factors and maybe more, you are looking at up to four wilmington nc teeth extractions. Each tooth separately can cost about $800, but if you choose to take care of them all at once, you may find that price is much lower.

The price for your wisdom tooth extraction will vary based on a number of factors that include where the teeth are in your jaw and the type of anesthesia to name a few.

How Wisdom Teeth Erupt

Wisdom teeth tend to appear on x-rays or even start to cause you jaw pain around the ages of 17 to 25. This set of third molars is important but they are more likely to cause you long term problems. If you find yourself in the ideal position that the teeth have broken through the gum, are properly aligned with your other teeth and they are accessible to you to clean thoroughly, then you are likely to be able to avoid extraction and keep them in the healthy place they are.

For most people, the teeth are impacted, or they are located under the gum and under the bone situated in such a way that the teeth will never be able to erupt through the gumline to settle into place. To further complicate matters, some people find that their wisdom stop after partially breaking the gum tissue opening a hole for bacteria to settle around the teeth and gums.

Why Remove Them

If you are not convinced that you need to extract your wisdom teeth right now, you may need to change your mind if you start to experience:

  • You start to feel cysts, lumps or bumps on your jawline where the teeth are impacted below the bone.
  • Your teeth are starting to experience cavities or serious gum disease is developing and due to their location, treatment options are limited
  • You develop infections often
  • You experience cavities or gum disease on the teeth and gums closest to them

Once you start to seriously consider removing these molars, it is important to consider that removing them sooner rather than later. The roots for your wisdom teeth are not fully developed when you are younger and your body heals faster from trauma so dentists tend to suggest this procedure sooner rather than later.

Tooth Extraction Costs

If you want to limit complications and ensure that you have an experienced dentist, the best person to perform your extraction is an oral maxillofacial surgeon. While this is not a complicated procedure, it is very common and these specialists have additional training after dental school. Oral surgeons are trained to administer general anesthesia so you will be comfortable during your teeth removal as well. Usually, these specialists charge between $75 to $200 per tooth depending on where the tooth is located in the gumline and which kind of anesthesia is used. If your teeth are impacted, this seriously impacts the cost and complication of the procedure adding time and about $800 to the total cost, on average. Most of the time, your dental insurance and sometimes even your medical insurance will help cover the cost of the procedure. Don’t let the total cost of the extraction stop you from taking care of your health.

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