What are Risks of Teeth Whitening?

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Whitening your teeth can be a great way to quickly improve your smile. Before proceeding with any dental treatment including wilmington teeth whitening, it is best to discuss your options and desires with your dentist. As with all dental procedures, teeth whitening is not without its risks. In this section, we will review some of the risks that could be associated with whitening your teeth.

Some of the risks that may be associated with whitening your teeth can include tooth sensitivity or damage to the enamel or roots of your teeth. Your dentist may be able to tell you if you’re going to have any of these problems before you decide on treatment. They may also be able to recommend some products that can preemptively help with tooth sensitivity such as using a sensitivity toothpaste a few weeks before treatment.

Why do our teeth change color?

The temperature in the animal does tend to darken over time. A lot of foods and beverages we consume every day can quickly lead to a buildup of stain including coffee and wine, sadly. There are also medications that lead to staining. tetracycline teeth are often not able to be whitened using over-the-counter products but some dental offices have the professional-grade whitening products that can help. Tobacco use is another culprit in the war on dingy teeth!

Having your teeth cleaned by your dental hygienist may be all you need to brighten your smile. If your hygienist is able to get your teeth to a level of whiteness that you like, using baking soda toothpaste and peroxide mouthwash can help you combat stain on a daily basis.

How to Determine if Teeth Whitening is Right for You

Some things to consider before you begin whitening your teeth include:

  • What does your dentist suggest? Your dentist will be able to determine if your staining can be removed with a cleaning or if it will require some form of whitening. Sensitive teeth, irritated gums, or teeth with worn enamel may not be ideal for whitening.
  • Is whitening worth the price tag? Whitening is considered a cosmetic procedure and dental insurance is not likely to cover any portion of the fee.
  • Can you use an at-home whitening treatment or would your best results come from a professional? Having your teeth professionally whitened is a much quicker process than using any of the over-the-counter options on the market today. An in-office treatment can run a few hundred dollars but they give immediate results whereas with over the counter options, you will need to use them consistently for up to two weeks.

With any form of treatment, it is important to discuss it with your Dentist before you begin. You could be wasting your time and money. Visit your dental office for regular check-ups and cleanings to keep your newly whitened smile fresh and bright for as long as possible.

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