Stop Teeth from Wearing Down

The health of our teeth, and indeed, our whole mouth greatly affects our overall health. Tooth enamel is the hard substance that covers and protects the softer parts of our teeth our teeth and is thus essential in our bodily health. Once teeth are worn down, we cannot “fix” our tooth enamel, so it is very important that we pay attention to things that will wear down our teeth and keep them strong.

Some common habits and everyday activities that cause our teeth to become worn are as follows:

* Smoking – chemicals in cigarettes and tobacco can stick to tooth enamel. Stained teeth from smoking is a commonly known thing. However, smoking does not only affect the color of the teeth, it is also responsible for other problems related to oral hygiene, such as gum disease, tooth decay, and dry mouth.

* Nail biting – Biting hard fingernails is not only touch on teeth, but, due to the angle at which most people must put their jaws when biting their teeth can cause jaw pain and bite misalignment.

* Teeth Grinding – Many people grind their teeth, especially at night. This condition is known to dentists as bruxism and is caused mainly by stress.

* Drinking coffee – Although numerous studies have confirmed that coffee can have beneficial effects on health, the fact remains that it is a drink that leaves strong marks on your teeth. Two to three cups of coffee a day will expose tooth enamel to practically continuous contact with the acids, which can weaken enamel and cause your teeth to wear down.

* Your Diet – Acids from fruits, vegetables and other foods and drinks affect fragile tooth enamel. This category mainly includes citrus fruits and fruit juices, tomatoes, pineapple, vinegar, carbonated drinks, some sports drinks and vinegar-based salad dressings. But don't worry, you don't have to eliminate these popular snacks from your diet completely. Always try to rinse your mouth with plain water after eating.

* Chewing on ice cubes – The stiffness and low temperature of ice can cause teeth to break. To avoid this bad habit, drink through a straw or drink cold drinks without ice.

Even a small change in your habits can significantly support the health of your teeth. You can protect your teeth by following a few simple steps:

* Proper brushing– Brushing your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each time. Make sure to brush gently and use a non-abrasive toothpaste.

* Frequent dental visits – Visiting the dentist at least twice a year for professional deep cleaning will help keep our tooth enamel strong and healthy.

* Healthy and Balanced Diet – The foods we eat play a significant factor in our overall and oral health. Be sure to include healthy foods in your diet and make sure to each plenty of fruits and vegetables.

* Adequate hydration – Proper hydration is an underappreciated secret to healthy teeth. When brushing is not an option, drinking a glass of water will help wash away food particles, bacteria and acid from the mouth. Proper hydration will keep your teeth (and gums) healthier and stronger.

Treating Worn Down Teeth