Stephanie Brownell

My name is Stephanie Brownell. I found Drs. Edgerton and Glenn online. I chose them because they were close to home and convenient. I’ve now been a patient of the practice for ten months and have new porcelain veneers. My experience with the team at Edgerton and Glenn was unparalleled. It was absolutely fantastic. The whole office and everyone that I’ve encountered has been incredible.

Before I had my porcelain veneers done, my smile was less than spectacular. My teeth were smaller; my gum line was uneven and overgrown. I tended, or I would try to cover my teeth more with my lips. Now, I can’t stop smiling. No restrictions!

The best part of finding my ideal smile with porcelain veneers is not holding back. Not having to spend that extra effort thinking about controlling what my face is doing so I could hide my smile. My life is better because I feel better about my appearance, thanks to Dr. Edgerton.

If someone is considering having porcelain veneers done, I would absolutely recommend them to Dr. Edgerton’s office. If they’re considering veneers, they should talk to them. It’s a personal preference, and it’s something I was on the fence about for probably over ten years. I happened to find Dr. Edgerton, and I was told he’s the best around. Anyone that goes to him, I would recommend that they go through with it.

I’ve been to other high-tech dental offices before moving to Wilmington, but the staff was different. The feel was different compared to the experience at Edgerton and Glenn. WIth the other offices, I felt just like a patient. But with Dr. Edgerton’s office, I felt like part of the family. They make you feel amazing. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. The feeling in the office is just so different.