Scale and Root Planing Cost

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It can be tempting to avoid scheduling dental appointments for simple procedures. While some patients fear the dentist, others don’t want to deal with the dental bills. On average, scaling and root planing in wilmington north carolina costs about $200-$300. In addition, there are other routine visits patients should make to the dentist for examinations and professional cleanings.

Scaling and Root Planing Cost

Scaling and root planing (SRP) is commonly referred to as a deep cleaning. There are two types of scaling and root planning which includes preventive and therapeutic. The type of treatment you have plays the biggest role in determining the cost for the procedure.

Preventive scaling and root planing is charged based on each quadrant of the mouth. Therapeutic scaling and root planing is charged for the entire mouth.

The price is also dependent on if a dentist or periodontist performs the procedure.


Scaling and Root Planing Type Average Cost
Preventive: 1-3 teeth per quadrant $150-$300
Preventive: 4+ teeth per quadrant $200- $450
Therapeutic: entire mouth $100- $350


Preventive scaling and root planning costs about $200 for 1-3 teeth per quadrant and about $300 for four or more teeth.

Scaling and root planing is considered a preventive treatment and is intended for patients who have active periodontal disease. For patients with more complex cases, time-release antibiotics may also be injected in order to fight the bacteria.

Periodontal disease can be caused by not visiting the dentist for regular cleanings and exams. Ensuring you visit the dentist for a thorough cleaning at least twice a year can save you money in the long run.

Generally SRP is done on one or two quadrants at a time. Most insurances and therefore most dentists do not do more than two per visit.

It does not make a significant difference if you get your teeth treated all at once or multiple times over a longer period. The long-term effects are similar in both cases. Not all of your teeth may require scaling and root planing.

The average price for therapeutic scaling and root planing for a full mouth is $200. When patients display moderate to severe inflammation on more than a third of their mouth, scaling and root planing is no longer considered a preventive procedure. Symptoms of patients with moderate to severe inflammation can include swollen, bleeding, and inflamed gums.

It is common for patients to require scaling and root planing if they have not visited the dentist for an extended period of time. Adults who are over the age of 40 and have not visited the dentist for five years or more will require the procedure.

In cases where the procedure must be conducted following an oral examination, there will likely be an additional cost. Before the procedure can be performed, the dentist must assess the state of the mouth. A summary of various dental procedures and they associated cost are provided in the chart below.

Dental Procedure Average Cost
Dental exam $150
Full-mouth debridement $200
Gingival irrigation $40
Localized antimicrobial agent delivery $90
Periodontal maintenance $150
Bitewing X-rays $35
Periapical X-rays $35
Panoramic X-ray $130

Your dentist may need to complete other procedures before or after the scaling and root planing. Work with your dentist to determine what procedures are required.

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