How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

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The length of time spent in the chair having root canal at Edgerton and Glenn therapy depends on a few things among which are the number of canals in the tooth and the extent of the damage. Some treatments can be completed in one visit while others need a second trip.

Two Visits Approach

If your Endodontist determines that you would be best cared for over the course of two visits, you can expect:

  • The first appointment will involve the actual clearing of the canals. The doctor will create an access hole in the tooth and clean out the infected or damaged pulp. The goal of this first visit is to complete each canal.
  • The second appointment is to fill the newly empty canals and the access hole and is scheduled to take place one to three weeks after the first.

During the time between appointments, you will want to take special care eating and drinking. The doctor will have placed an antimicrobial agent in the canal to help avoid reinfection along with a temporary filling that is not as hard as a permanent composite filling.

Advantages to two visits for root canal therapy include the added recovery time for the tooth itself and the antimicrobial agent greatly improves the disinfection process. If your infection was severe, you may be prescribed a round of antibiotics to take while you wait for your second appointment.

Single Visit Approach

Technological advances in the dental field have made single visit treatments commonplace. Root canals are no exception and can easily be completed in one visit. The appointment will be longer but that can be easier than making a second trip. The canals will be cleaned out and disinfected then immediately restored with a permanent filling or crown.

Single-visit treatment also lessens the likelihood that the tooth will become reinfected while waiting for the restoration appointment.

How Long Does a Root Canal Treatment Appointment Take?

If you are able to be treated the same day you go for your evaluation, you can expect it to take at least 30 minutes to perform the procedure. This depends on the number of canals and the extent of the pulpitis.

The anterior teeth (front teeth) only have one canal in each tooth so they are much easier and quicker to treat. A difficult case may take up to an hour for the anterior teeth.

Posterior teeth, the premolars and molars, have two to four canals and can take up to an hour and 45 minutes to complete the root canal.

Speak with your Endodontist about any concerns you may have. Root canal therapy is a great treatment option to get you out of pain and to save your tooth. Ignoring an infected tooth could lead to an abscess in your jaw. Don’t ignore dental pain. Pain is a sign that something is wrong!

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