Rick Batchlor

I’ve known Dr. Edgerton and have been his patient for over 20 years. He recently put in a new bridge for me, and we completed Invisalign® treatment a few years ago to straighten my teeth. He’s done a wonderful job.

Before I had my cosmetic dental work done with Dr. Edgerton, my smile was healthy, but my teeth weren’t straight or white. But after completing Invisalign® treatment and bleaching, it looks great. I definitely like my smile a lot better. I get a lot of nice compliments about my smile and my teeth.

Dr. Edgerton and his staff are all very professional, whether it’s the hygienist or dental assistants to the folks in the reception area, all the way through the practice there’s nothing but good things and good people. I think Dr. Edgerton is the best in town for cosmetic dentistry. That’s why I chose to have the work done, and he was very highly recommended.

I had a good dentist in Jacksonville before moving to Wilmington, but I chose Dr. Edgerton because he’s deeply dedicated to cosmetic dentistry. He has a great practice. Everyone is very professional, and they always do a wonderful job. They also get you in and get you out, which is good!