Nettie Batchlor

I’ve known Dr. Edgerton for a long time. We became acquainted as neighbors, and I’ve been a patient at the practice for over 20 years. He recently completed dental bonding on six of my front teeth. Before my cosmetic dental work, my smile was a little lopsided. One side of my teeth was a little shorter than the other side, so he was able to fill them in, straighten them up, and make them more level and balanced.

My smile never really bothered me too much, but my daughter-in-law had her bottom teeth bonded, and my husband has his straightened with Dr. Edgerton, so after I saw their amazing results, I decided that maybe I could look a little better too. Now, I feel much better about my smile since having cosmetic work done. It was definitely the best decision and the best thing to do.

My experience with Dr. Edgerton and his team was absolutely flawless. They made me feel so comfortable. My cosmetic dental bonding took about four hours to complete, and they made it so easy. They made sure to take little breaks and helped me to always feel comfortable.

If I met someone considering cosmetic dental work, I’d tell them to go see Dr. Edgerton. Being a patient of his has always been a great experience. He’s very considerate of your feelings and your pain level. He will do whatever he needs to do, make it a good experience for his patients.