Natural Looking Dental Implant

For patients who are considering dental implants, a common concern is whether the new teeth will feel, function and appear similar to the natural teeth. Dental implants are strategically designed to mimic the function and appearance of the natural teeth. In comparing the solutions available for missing teeth, implants are far more natural compared to bridges and dentures.

Because dental implants are costly and the procedure is somewhat involved, patients understandably want to ensure they will be satisfied with the results. The expected outcome is especially important when one of the front teeth is being replaced with an implant, as these teeth are the most visible. Because of the time and cost associated with the implants, patients want to ensure it produces a natural and attractive smile.

As discussed previously, when a patient is receiving implants in one of the front teeth, there is an increased concern regarding the expected appearance and results. Anterior teeth, or the front teeth, make especially great candidates for implants as they produce the most dramatic results.

Nearly all patients find that the implants looks and feel more natural than expected prior to the procedure. The goal of implants is to produce a functional, attractive, and natural-looking outcome.

The dental implant is placed below the gum and fuses to the jaw. As a result, the difference between the implant and natural teeth is virtually invisible.

Through modern dentistry and recent enhancements, numerous materials can be used to effectively mimic the color, translucency, shape, and overall appearance of the existing natural teeth. The custom-made dental implant is specially created to closely match the existing teeth.

While dental implants are an excellent solution for replacing teeth which are missing or damaged, it is also important to find a dentist who has the necessary experience and training.

Dentistry combines art, science, and engineering to produce exceptional results. Each area is vital in successfully placing an implant and executing the procedure. The dentist must be an expert in the aesthetics in order to provide the patient with a natural looking implant.

Through the dentist’s precision and use of a good and reputable dental lab, the perfect color, size, and shape can be achieved. The precision and art of implants offers the patient natural looking results.

Patients should not hesitate in asking a potential dentist for testimonials or references of past work. In some cases, the dentist will share this information on their website. Dentist often have before and after pictures of previous implant patients. While it is important to consider the cost for the procedure, this should not be the only factor considered when evaluating potential dentists for implants. It is important to take the time to do thorough research and feel confident in the dentist selected for the implant.

Implant dentists work closely with a dental laboratory for the creation of the implant crown. The crown is the portion of the tooth which is visible above the gum. It is important for the dentist to work with a dental lab that has a good reputation. It is common to use a temporary crown while the permanent crown is being created.

One especially important part of an implant procedure is taking impressions of the teeth before the implant is placed. Impressions are used to ensure a perfect fit and the correct placement of the implant.

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