Madison Pleasant

My name is Madison Pleasant. I found Edgerton and Glenn when I was searching for a cosmetic dentist in Wilmington who could do my porcelain veneers. I’ve been a patient for a little over a year. When I came to the office to talk about what I wanted, the way Dr. Edgerton interacted with myself and my mom was great. We instantly felt he was the right person for me.

Dr. Edgerton sat with us and explained the different types of veneers that are available. We talked about what we could to keep my smile still looking like my smile, but better. He was very patient with us and wanted to make sure our experience throughout the process was perfect.

Before my porcelain veneers, I had a lot of previous bonding from other dentists to cover up calcium deposit spots I had on my teeth. I didn’t love my smile, and I was seeking someone to help me find a more permanent solution than the bonding that was only temporary in my case. Now, I just feel so much more confident. My teeth feel like they’ve been part of my smile all along.

Throughout the process of getting my porcelain veneers, I had the same dental assistant with me the whole time. She was amazing! Everyone that works with Dr. Edgerton is very positive and great people to be around.

The best part of achieving my ideal smile with porcelain veneers was just seeing the results and how my teeth could look. It was the best thing ever. I couldn’t imagine that’s what the results would really look like. I don’t have to worry about my smile every day. I don’t worry about eating foods and having a tooth chipping or having weird-looking teeth in the future at my wedding. Everything is beautiful, permanent, and I love it.

Getting porcelain veneers done can be a long process, but after it’s over, it’s well worth it. I really love Dr. Edgerton and everyone that works with him. They made it such a great experience. I’m so glad I chose them!