Professional Teeth Whitening Trays vs Laser Teeth Whitening Systems

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Whitening your teeth is a great way to brighten your smile and bring back that youthful look! With so many options on the market, it’s hard to decide what would be right for you. Your dentist can help you decide if professional teeth whitening wilmington nc trays or in-office laser whitening treatment is the better option for you.

Laser whitening treatments a very common in-office whitening treatment. It is fast and effective but it may not be for everyone. Here we will discuss the differences between laser teeth whitening and professional whitening trays.

What is the difference between how whitening trays and laser whitening works?

Laser whitening uses the same peroxide solution as trays but with a laser, the peroxide solution is heated so that the oxygen penetrates the tooth enamel more quickly than it does with the gradual whitening of professional whitening trays.

The dental professional who does your whitening treatment will paint the peroxide solution onto each tooth while using a protective coating to keep the gum tissue from being burned by the laser. The laser is then directed to your teeth and left to work for up to an hour and a half. You have the option to stop treatment once you believe you have achieved the brightness that you were wanting.

With both laser whitening and whitening trays, the peroxide solution releases oxygen molecules that penetrate the outer layer of your enamel and break down the staining. With the laser, the effects are evident much more quickly than they are with whitening trays.

Whitening trays are typically worn over the course of a few days all the way up to two weeks for a duration of 30 minutes to an hour per day.

Concerns with Laser Whitening

Laser whitening is undoubtedly much faster than any other whitening treatment on the market today. One session takes about 30 minutes. It is not uncommon for patients not to see much of a difference with just one session though others may see a great difference and only require one session. With whitening trays, the peroxide solution is a lower percentage so it does require consistent use over the course of at least a few days to see a difference.

The biggest concern surrounding laser whitening treatments is safety. There are some concerns that laser whitening can we can erode tooth enamel and even cause damage to the pulp of the tooth.

With any whitening treatment, patients do run a risk of sensitivity immediately following treatment. Some patients may experience sharp pains referred to as “zingers” but they usually subside after a day or two. To combat sensitivity, it can be helpful to use a sensitivity toothpaste for a few weeks leading up to your treatment.

So what is the best option for whitening?

When all is said and done, the biggest difference between laser teeth whitening and professional whitening trays is the time and money spent. Laser teeth whitening can run as much as $1000 and whitening trays are only about $500 or less. Some dentists will give you touch up kits to take home after a laser whitening procedure and there is not likely to be an additional cost for that. Speak with your dentist to determine if you are a good candidate for whitening and which treatment option is best for you.

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