Is Professional Teeth Whitening for Me?

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There are so many cosmetic dental procedures out there these days. One of the simplest ways to improve your smile is with teeth whitening. Professional teeth whitening can remove the dullness and yellowing that naturally comes with age. To find out if professional teeth whitening in wilmington north carolina is an option for you, speak with your dentist as not everyone is an ideal candidate. Some patients who have tetracycline stains, poor gum health, or previous dental work may need to discuss another path of treatment with their dentist.

Who is professional teeth whitening for?

Patients who suffer from poor oral health or have periodontal issues including gum recession, may not benefit from professional whitening. Whitening is also reserved for patients who have all of their permanent adult teeth. Whitening is not likely to improve any staining that is brown or gray but works great on yellowish stains. If you have crowns, veneers, or other dental restorations, those restorations will not whiten with professional whitening.

On that note, whitening before any restorative work is a great way to make sure that you get the best result possible. Your Dentist will be able to discuss any issues you may face with professional teeth whitening. If you are not a candidate, they will also be able to layout an alternate treatment plan so that you are happy with your smile!

What are some alternative options for whitening?

Believe it or not, receiving regular professional dental cleanings is the first step to eradicating stains and can have great whitening results. There are also many whitening oral care products that are available for patients who cannot endure professional whitening treatment. Even switching to whitening oral care products can help reduce the buildup of daily stains.

If your teeth and gums are healthy, your dentist will likely give you the green light for a professional whitening treatment. However, if you have any gum disease, the peroxide and laser used during treatment can irritate your gums and increase tooth sensitivity. Some patients find that using a sensitivity toothpaste for two to three weeks prior to professional whitening or even over-the-counter whitening greatly decreases their sensitivity after whitening.

Your Dentist can help you determine a better oral care routine to help you improve the health of your gums. If they do improve you may be able to receive a professional whitening down the road. To prevent gum disease, be sure to visit your dentist regularly and receive professional cleanings as advised.

If you do have restorative work that will not wait and your Dentist can still help you improve your smile. Replacing old restorative work, especially old bonding, can greatly improve the appearance of your smile.

Speak with your Dentist if you are considering teeth whitening. There are so many options available these days that it is unlikely you will be told there is nothing that can be done! Simple over the counter solutions may be all you need so don’t despair, there is something for everyone!

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