Invisalign Reviews

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If you have crooked teeth and have ever wondered if Invisalign wilmington north carolina is right for you or what is involved in the Invisalign process, read the following reviews from individuals with firsthand knowledge of the Invisalign process.

Excited to Be Confident in My Smile Again!

I heard about Invisalign in high school when a few of my friends had it done. It sounded interesting, but I assumed it would be too painful and cost too much. I have crooked side and front teeth and have always hated my smile, but the thought of having to wear big metal braces for two years seemed even worse than having a crooked smile, which is why I began to seriously consider Invisalign. During my consultation, they took photographs inside my mouth and talked me through what the process would entail and how much it would cost. The cost was a pretty big concern for me, but fortunately I was able to set up a payment plan where I paid a few thousand up front and have been able to start paying the remaining balance off over the next 24 months. Even though I am early in the process, I am really pleased with the results so far and can’t wait to see how much better my teeth improve.

Halfway Through Treatment

I just reached the halfway point of my treatment plan and am so excited by how much my teeth have improved! One of the things that surprised me about Invisalign was how noticeable the aligners are. I wear them 20 hours a day minimum, including when I work out, and I am definitely aware that I have them in. At the same time, I also realize that no one else knows that I have them in, which helps alleviate anxiety I would have had if I had gone with traditional braces. I was also pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was able to adjust my voice with them in. My speech was slightly affected at first, but that went away way quicker than I expected.

I would say the biggest drawback is having to take them out when I eat, especially when I go to events or out to eat in a restaurant. I eventually started taking them out prior to these types of situations, but I still bring them with me to wear on the trip back, so I don’t lose too much wear time or forget to put them back in. That aside, I am very happy with the results I have seen so far and have also noticed that the further I get in the process, the faster my teeth adjust. I am also experiencing way less discomfort then when I started.

Almost Done!

I only have a few aligners left to go and almost all of my teeth issues have been corrected! My overlapping has been fixed and my crooked teeth are now almost completely straight! It is such a relief to not feel self-conscious about my smile and I am so glad I committed to doing the Invisalign treatment. I will admit that the whole process felt a little overwhelming at first, but at this point, taking out and putting in my retainers has become second nature. The discomfort of each new aligner has seriously improved as well. At first it was a little more uncomfortable than I expected, but now I only experience a little bit of tenderness the first day of the new aligner, and after that I am all good. I am so glad I took the leap to do this and can’t wait to see the final result. I would recommend Invisalign for anyone who has crooked teeth, especially for those (like me) who would feel self-conscious wearing braces.

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