Invisalign Before and After

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Patients everywhere are discovering the remarkable impact wilmington Invisalign treatment can have in straightening teeth. If you are ready to become inspired to take the first step to having the smile you have always dreamed of, check out these before and after reviews from people like you who decided to seek Invisalign treatment.

 “Improved My Self Care and Worked with My Busy Schedule”

For Jenn Vonhagen, fitness and working out are the best chances she gets to do something for herself and not have to think about anything but breathing and staying healthy. As a mom, athlete, and business owner, she knew she needed a solution to correct her crooked teeth that would also allow her to balance her hectic work/life schedule. Jenn has been overjoyed with her Invisalign treatment because it has allowed her to manage her business, spend time with her children, and take care of herself. Taking the step to pursue Invisalign treatment has also made a tremendous impact in restoring Jenn’s confidence in herself and she is now able to proudly present her bright, healthy smile to the world.

“Everything I Was Looking For”

Though you might not believe it at first, not long ago Jevon weighed over 400 pounds. After making the important decision to prioritize self-care, Jevon began watching what he ate and committed to exercising. He has now lost 186 pounds and is more committed than ever to continue living a healthy, happy life. Jevon works as a health care analyst, and as someone who works in the healthcare field, it was important for Jevon to have an outward smile that was healthy and reflected his inner self. Invisalign has been a significant part of Jevon’s commitment to self-care and allowed him to express who he is both inside and out.

“Best Decision I Have Ever Made”

As an actress, Kirstiana believes that the power of a theatrical experience is that moments occur one minute and are gone the next, and actors in these moments enter a vulnerable state and give the gift of happiness to those in attendance. As a student, actress, and newly wedded wife, Kirstiana wanted to make sure she had the confidence she needed to give everything she has to excelling in all three of these roles. Invisalign has helped her do just that.

“Helped Me Accomplish My Goals”

Will was so thrilled with how much of a difference Invisalign made in his life that he wrote a song about it! In addition to being a songwriter, Will is also an accomplished high school athlete, and competes in basketball, football, and lacrosse. One of the biggest benefits of Invisalign is that it has allowed him to perform at a high level in each of these events, which is partly how he earned Northern California player of the week in lacrosse and has been able to play on a state championship team. Invisalign has also been a positive life altering experience in other areas of Will’s life and has ensured that he is not afraid of repercussions or being rejected.

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