How to get rid of swollen gums?

Your gums are like the muscles of your teeth. They hold your teeth and the root firmly, protect your teeth, and help to provide structure to your mouth. When you encounter puffiness, redness, irritation, or bleeding–it can be alarming. Gum irritation is common, and often is not due to underlying disease. However it is common to understand the signs and symptoms, in order to understand how to treat your gums. With proper treatment, your gum irritation will be gone in no time. The only surefire way to get rid of swollen gums, is to care for them and treat the symptoms.

Gum swelling can discolor your healthy pink gums to a more reddish color. It can cause the gums to cover parts of your teeth, and it can make your gums bleed more easily. There are usually common causes behind your swelling, which will help you decide what to do next. Your gums can be swollen due to


Pregnancy can cause hormonal swings and imbalances. This can cause mild health problems, some of which involve your dental health. The hormonal imbalances can cause blood to rush to your gums, making them inflamed. Your body can also be in a state of immune compromise, making it harder to fight off infections that irritate your gums.


Infections can be caused by foreign material inhabiting your body. Bacteria, fungi, or other organic material can enter your mouth and penetrate your gums. Over time, without cleaning or flossing, this material can become a space for bacteria or fungi to inhabit and multiply. These bad actors can live on the tissue of your gums or decayed material in your mouth and cause swelling, bleeding, and general irritation. Certain infections can be remedied by treating with proper hygiene, other may need the help of a Dental Hygienist. Antifungal and antibiotic remedies may be necessary, consult with your Dental Professional to learn more.


Gingivitis is the most common cause of gum swelling and irritation. Gingivitis is often attributed to poor oral hygiene, and if left untreated can develop into more serious tooth loss. The best course of action is to take a heavy focus on dental hygiene routines, see a dentist, and consult with a hygienist if possible. Many products are available over the counter to assist with bleeding and pain associated with Gingivitis, like an oral analgesic. Flossing regularly and proper brushing will be essentially in snuffing out the infection.

How to get rid of Swollen gums

The first thing you should do, no matter what the root cause may be, is put a heavy focus on your teeth cleaning routine. You will want to floss and brush regularly, after meals, or at least twice a day. This can add a nice routine to your morning and evening, and provide a little mental space for “you” time. If problems persist, you should see a Dental Professional. They may be able to recommend antibiotics, additional tooth care products, or specialized services. You want to show that you are taking the problem seriously, and that you care about your dental hygiene. You only get your teeth once (except for your baby teeth) so take the time to protect and care for them, and your gums will thank you. Strong gum health makes a happy smile.

What to do when gums are puffy?