How Much Do Dentures Cost?

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Dentures are typically a less expensive option than other dental prosthetics. Patients who have lost teeth due to disease or an accident can quickly have their smile restored using a denture. These days, dentures are incredibly natural looking and much more comfortable than dentures of the old days. If you think that a denture might be right for you, discuss this option with your dentist so that together, you can determine your best plan of action.

How to know if a denture is right for you?

Left untreated, missing teeth can lead to other dental issues such as shifting teeth, loose teeth, and the deterioration of the gums, jaw and facial structure. Implants are a great option to have but are often too expensive.

What are temporary dentures?

Temporary dentures allow you to leave your oral surgeon’s office immediately after extraction with teeth. They are very beneficial in the healing process of the extraction site as they protect the socket from food particles and bacteria. You can have a temporary partial denture or a temporary full denture. After your teeth have been extracted and your temporary denture placed, you will likely notice that the denture becomes loose over time as you heal and the swelling subsides. Once you’re fully healed, your permanent denture can be placed!

What is the cost of a temporary denture?

Interim dentures do impose an additional fee on your overall treatment cost. The fees for a denture vary depending on the number of teeth that need to be replaced. While this additional fee may not sound ideal, your recovery time will be shorter and you will be able to enjoy socializing and being out in public in general with all of your teeth in your head!

An interim denture will also help you learn how to speak and chew with a prosthetic in your mouth and provide a smooth transition into your permanent denture. Some dentists have financing options so speak to your dentist to see if they offer in-house financing or use a third-party. While you won’t save any money, you will not have the burden of the full cost right off the bat.

Final Denture Procedure

Once you are fully healed and all swelling is gone, your dentist will have you come in for impressions so that they can create a model of your mouth to send to the dental lab. At this appointment, they will also determine what shade your teeth will be and what color to tint the base to best match your gums. The models your dentist provides the lab will allow the lab technician to have accurate measurements of your mouth and to see exactly how the denture will sit so that they can ensure the best fit possible.

The lab technician will fabricate your denture using an acrylic material to form the base and porcelain to create the teeth. Once your dentist receives your new denture back from the lab, they will have you back in the office for a fitting. Be prepared to leave the office without your denture! Your doctor will want your denture to be perfect and that may require some tweaking! If you do not like the fit or color of your new denture, your dentist will make notes and send your denture back to the lab for adjustment. As you wear and become a custom to your new denture, you may notice more adjustments that need to be made. These can usually be accomplished at the dental office and your denture will not have to go back to the lab.

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