How Long Do Zirconia Crowns Last?

The dental crown is in effect a prosthesis- or a fake tooth. It can also be defined as a "hood" that is placed over a tooth that has been compromised by a large cavity, a break, or a root canal. Crowns can be made of many types of materials, and oftentimes nowadays at the dentist, we find ourselves in the dilemma of choosing between zirconium or metal-ceramic crowns (usually the latter with a lower price).

The current trend is to choose those made of zirconium, thinking that because they are more expensive, they will be better or more appropriate. There are different prices and types of zirconium dental crowns, which are demanded by a large number of patients. Basically, the dental crown is a cover that has the shape of the tooth that is installed on top of the natural tooth to be repaired. It is an ideal treatment for the aesthetics of the patient's teeth, and its functionality is indisputable. Generally, zirconia is considered the gold standard for crowns because of its many positive properties. It is one of the strongest materials used for crowns, and due to its translucency and whiteness, make it a great substitute for natural teeth, making a distinction from the natural tooth hard to see, even for a professional. Regardless of the material chosen, is certain that, for a crown to last many years, there must be many factors that come together, the material it is made of is the least important, though there are some advantages to zirconia crowns.

The duration of a dental crown

The main thing to ensure that a crown has a long life without problems is that the root is healthy and properly rooted; the latter factor depends on the good hands of the professional you choose for the installation of a dental crown.

Another important factor, which greatly affects how long a dental crown lasts, is that the size of the tooth in which to insert the crown is correct, and that the impression (measurement sent to the prosthetist) has been taken perfectly. These two things also depend on the skill of the dentist and professionals who take the measurements and make the impressions.

No less important for establishing how long a dental crown lasts is the work of the professional to whom the plate is sent. The studio that deals with their creation should be able to make a well-fitting crown, with perfect contact points between adjacent teeth (if no food is inserted between them), color, make-up and height of occlusion, so that it does not stick incorrectly to the tooth that holds it.

From all this we can say that to have a good crown there are several factors and different people and if one of these is not respected (regardless of the material we use) the crown will not last, or the food will get between the teeth or our gums will be irritated.

So how long does the average zirconia dental crown last?

In general, the average lifespan of a zirconia crown is 10 years, but again, this can be shortened or lengthen depending on many factors.

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