Fix Tooth Pain & Toothache

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Nothing like a throbbing toothache to turn your day upside down. Let us look at what tooth pain really is, what causes them, some symptoms and then some treatments. A toothache is a sign that you have some damage to a tooth. Decay or a cavity will cause tooth pain as well as in infection in the tooth or the gums surrounding it. The center of every tooth is filled with pulp. The pulp contains live connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. A cavity or crack in the tooth allows in not only air but germs that will irritate and infect the sensitive tissue resulting in tooth pain.

Some Symptoms of a Toothache

Here is a quick list of a toothache symptoms beyond just the throbbing.

  • A sharp pain when you bite down
  • A pain when you eat something sweet
  • A constant dull ache
  • If your mouth or gums are swelling
  • A pain or tenderness in the mouth or an ache in the jaw
  • A bad taste or a bad smell in the mouth
  • Redness or a fever
  • Any pus or white fluid that you can identify

If you have any of these symptoms call your family dentist and make an immediate appointment so the source can be identified, and the appropriate treatment taken.

Different Tooth Pain and Toothache Treatments

  • Tooth Decay- A cavity is the most common cause of tooth pain. The dentist will need to remove the decayed material to remove all infection and lingering bacteria and then fill the hole with a dental composite called a filling.
  • A Tooth Abscess-This is when part of the pulp at the center of the tooth dies. This can be the result of a crack, fracture, or cavity. The most common treatment is a root canal, where the inside canals are cleaned of all tissue and then filled with a rubbery like compound. An antibiotic might be a necessary addition.
  • A Cracked or Fractured Tooth- If the tooth is not infected the dentist can repair the fracture or crack with a dental glue, a veneer on just the front of the tooth or a crown covering the tooth like a cap.
  • A Dental Filling that has been Damaged- Fillings can be damaged with normal biting and chewing. The dentist will simply remove the remaining material, make sure there is no new infection under it, and then replace the filling.
  • A Gum Infection- The major culprit for all disease in the mouth is the formation of bacteria carrying plaque which creates an acid that destroys the enamel and will immediately infect the soft tissue of the gums if allowed to come in contact. The dentist will remove the source, all plaque, and the gum infection will subside.
  • If You Grind of Clench your Teeth- The dentist can fit you for a mouth guard to wear when you sleep to stop this bad habit.
  • If You have a Loose Crown- The crown can be removed, the tooth inspected, and you can be fitted with a new crown.

All these causes are common, and your family dentist can address immediately and send you home with any tooth pain or toothache. From that point on you will be advised to exercise good oral hygiene at home to take care of your teeth and gums.

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