Fix Cracked Teeth

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Even though the enamel of the tooth is the hardest tissue in our bodies, it is not indestructible. You might be enjoying a bowl of popcorn and chomp on a seed, or a handful of almonds, some hard candy at a holiday or even chewing on some ice after finishing a drink. Just like that you crack a tooth. It happens to us all and luckily your family dentist can restore that crack.

What causes a tooth to crack? Of course, it might be an unscheduled accident. Or, over time, it might be the result of jaw clenching and teeth grinding. The enamel has endured some damage over time. You will want to schedule an appointment to have the cracked tooth assessed. The pulp in the center of every tooth contains nerves and blood vessels. A crack can expose this live tissue to bacteria and infection and the result will be sudden pain.

At Home Measures to Control the Discomfort

If you are experiencing pain take some over-the-counter pain reliever. Consider rinsing out your mouth with salt water. Try eating just soft food until your appointment.

How does your Dentist Repair your Cracked Teeth?

The procedure the dentist suggests will vary based on the severity of the crack and where in the mouth the cracked tooth is. Here is quick list of suggestions your dentist might consider.

  • A Filling- if the crack is the result of a cavity the infected material will be removed, and the ensuing hole will be filled with a composite material to close the crack.
  • Dental Bonding-A popular, quick, and simple fix, the dentist will apply a putty like, tooth colored composite over the surface of the cracked tooth. After the tooth is sculpted, shaped, and smoothed out the composite is hardened, and the crack is gone.
  • A Dental Crown- If the crack is bigger and deeper, a dental crown might be necessary to protect the tooth. A crown is like a cap covering the entire tooth. Thicker and stronger than a veneer, the entire tooth is prepped by being reduced slightly in size and the fabricated crown is placed over the cracked tooth. If the crack involves the pulp a root canal may precede the application of the crown to prevent any further infection.
  • A Dental Veneer-If it is a crack in the front tooth the tooth and is cosmetic in damage only it can be made to look healthy again with the application of a porcelain or ceramic shell that is placed on the front of the tooth. The veneer is fabricated in a dental lab to match your teeth, the enamel of the tooth is roughed up and the veneer is applied to the tooth with a dental adhesive.

The Benefits of Fixing a Chipped Tooth

Any preventative measures you exercise are to ward off an infection in the near future. If the cracked tooth is visible in your smile you may begin to change your smile to hide the cracked tooth. So, one of the greatest benefits of maintaining good oral health is that of your smile. A healthy smile has been proven to be the very foundation of your personality. Your smile influences your self-confidence and your self-esteem. Do not allow a simple chipped tooth to alter the very your quality of life. Schedule an appointment now and have the tooth repaired quickly and return to your healthy smile.

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