Can a Loose Tooth Fix Itself?

While loose teeth are normal for children, as an adult a loose tooth or teeth can be a major reason for concern. There’s a chance you may know why your tooth is loose (like an injury), but you also may have no idea why your tooth or teeth have become loose. Below is more information about why teeth become loose and whether the issue will resolve itself.

Why Are My Teeth Loose?

There are a few main reasons why a tooth or multiple teeth may be loose. Below are some of the most common reasons for loose teeth…

* Gum Disease. Gum disease starts off less aggressive, but it can get worse over time. If you don’t address gingivitis, it can worsen to the point where it becomes periodontitis. When this happens, your teeth can become loose and may even start falling out.

* Injury. If you’ve recently had an accident, one of the injuries you have sustained may be a loose tooth or teeth. You also may have an injury without even knowing it. If you grind or clench your teeth at night, you may injure them, and they can become loose.

* Pregnancy. Most people don’t associate pregnancy with loose teeth. With that said, hormonal changes due to pregnancy can lead to the loosening of teeth.

* Osteoporosis. Many different bones can be affected by osteoporosis—including your jawbone. If this is the case, your teeth may become loose and may even fall out.

Can a Loose Tooth Fix Itself?

Whether your loose tooth or teeth can fix themselves will depend on the reason for the looseness. If your loose teeth are due to pregnancy, for instance, they may tighten back up after your pregnancy. Loose teeth due to injury may require treatment but they also may tighten up on their own. Other issues like gum disease need to be addressed. If not, the teeth will not tighten up.
Regardless of the reason, you should visit your dentist to properly diagnose the reason for the loose tooth or teeth. From there, they will let you know if the tooth or teeth will fix themselves or if a repair procedure is required.

What Are My Other Repair Options?

There are a few different repair options for loose teeth, and the repair option your dentist chooses will depend on the reason for your loose teeth. If your teeth have become loose due to grinding or clenching at night, they will likely suggest wearing a mouthguard. This may fix the issue. If it is due to osteoporosis, on the other hand, a bone graft for the jawbone may need to be performed.

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Causes of Loose Teeth