Brad Bass

My name is Brad Bass. When I moved to the Wilmington area in 2004, I didn’t know who the good dentists were in town. A coworker and friend of mine referred me to Dr. Edgerton, and I’ve been a patient ever since. I started coming to him for routine visits twice a year.

I wore braces years ago and was given a retainer to wear to keep my teeth aligned. After losing the retainer a couple of times through college I never returned to my orthodontist for a replacement. Slowly my teeth shifted. After a few years of noticing the spacing getting worse I decided to start the conversation with Dr. Edgerton about cosmetic dentistry. He told me I was a good candidate and after some thought I decided to go for it.

Before my dental bonding, I didn’t smile nearly as much as I do now. The longer I went without my retainer the more I noticed spacing, and the more aware of it I became, especially in photos. I wanted a better smile.

I’ve had no regrets now that I have a new smile. Every experience with Dr. Edgerton and his team was excellent. They were always super friendly and took the time to make sure I understood the procedures thoroughly, making sure I was always comfortable.

The office is very clean, and everyone is welcoming and very personable. I feel right at home, even when I come to their office at 7 a.m. just out of bed. I have literally fallen asleep during treatments.

Anyone who’s considering bonding or other cosmetic dental work, I would highly recommend them to Dr. Edgerton and his team. There isn’t much pain involved and if there is they help you manage it to feel minimal effects. The end results are definitely worth it. I’m a jeweler, and in my line of work, it’s important to have a healthy smile. If I’m not smiling, I’m not selling.