Megan Cassiere

My name is Megan Cassiere, and I heard about Edgerton and Glenn because a lot of the people that I work with see Dr. Edgerton. I chose to come here because of all of the great recommendations, and during my initial consultation, they were so thorough. I was incredibly impressed. I’ve never had a dental appointment like that before. I knew I had to stay with them for the best treatment.

I’ve been a patient at Dr. Edgerton’s office for three and a half years. I recently completed cosmetic bonding. I liked my smile before I had the work done and I thought it was great. Dr. Edgerton just enhanced it even more. I had worn down my two front teeth from grinding at night, and he was able to use bonding to get my smile more even and looking like it used to be.

Before I had completed my cosmetic bonding treatment with Dr. Edgerton, my smile was good. Now, it’s great!

My experience with the entire team at Dr. Edgerton’s office is always exceptional. You can tell that Dr. Edgerton and his assistant can read each other’s minds. They know exactly what’s going to happen and what tool to use without ever having to say anything. My bonding procedure was very smooth. I definitely smile with more confidence now.

I’d tell someone considering cosmetic work to absolutely talk to Dr. Edgerton. You won’t regret it. Dr. Edgerton will make sure it’s perfect for your standards and his (and he’s got very high standards).