Fix Broken Teeth

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The trauma resulting from a broken tooth goes beyond the pain or discomfort. The perceived image of the broken tooth and how it affects your smile can go along way in disrupting your self-confidence and your self-esteem as you attempt to change your smile. A broken tooth can be the quick result of a sporting accident, an untimely fall, a neglected cavity of something as simple as biting a piece of hard candy or an ice cube.

Modern technology has had a terrific effect on the dental industry. Due to the recent advancements in technology you can address the broken tooth quickly and economically. A consultation with your family dentist will assess the damage and suggest the best solution so you can return to your healthy smile.

The Variety of Options to Repair a Broken Tooth

  • Dental Bonding- Considered by most dentists as the least involved solution, the procedure is simply the dentist roughing up the enamel surface of the tooth and applying a properly colored putty like composite material to the tooth. After the composite has been sculpted and shaped it is hardened with an ultraviolet light.
  • A Filling- the safest solution, the cavity is removed and the space if filled with a restorative material. Depending on the location of the tooth this is very painless and cost-effective.
  • Dental Veneer- Made of either porcelain or composite resin, a veneer is a shell that only covers the front surface of the tooth.
  • A Dental Crown- Thicker than a veneer, a crown will cover the entire tooth. This is a very convenient and popular solution for a broken tooth. Made of metal, ceramic or porcelain crowns are considered very safe and restore the tooth’s shape and appearance.
  • A Dental Implant- If the tooth is broken at the gumline an implant might be the best option. A more involved procedure, the root needs to be extracted, a titanium post anchored in the jawbone on to which the artificial crown is placed. A desirable solution for their list of benefits and the life expectancy.
  • Dental Sealants- Sealants can fix holes, infections, and cracks. Sealants can also be a barrier against damaging bacteria. Often used successfully on molars.
  • A Root Canal-Most often used in conjunction with a crown, the dentist must remove all the living pulp out of the root canals of the tooth. This allows the successful application of the crown without concern of infection spreading.

The Benefits of Repairing a Broken Tooth

If you do not fix the broken tooth it can damage the pulp at the center of the tooth. This pulp if full of living tissue, blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. If end up neglecting the broken tooth the pulp will become infected and become extremely painful. By fixing or repairing the broken tooth you will restore your ability to eat and chew normally, possibly speak normally and of course the cosmetic improvement to your smile. It will also prevent future problems. Take care of your teeth and your smile today and tomorrow and keep smiling.

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