What Should I Expect at a Dental Visit?

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You did it, you found a dentist wilmington north carolina. Great job, that step is not easy! The next step is to call and schedule a check-up and cleaning. Once you have your appointment set up you may be feeling a bit uneasy and not sure what to expect from your first visit. Below is some information to help you prepare for your first visit to a new dentist.

Not just Oral Health

It is important to remember when you visit the dentist for the first time that your dentist is not just concerned with your teeth. Your teeth, and your oral health are connected to your overall health. Why is this important? Well, at your first visit you may be caught off guard when your dentist starts to ask you about your overall health, including taking a full health history. If anything with your health changes, you should let your dentist know when you visit them, even if it doesn’t have to do directly with your teeth.

Routine Visits

If you keep regular visits to the dentist on your schedule, then most visits will be routine check-ups and cleanings without any issues. What does routine mean? For adults with good oral hygiene habits it is recommended to get a regular checkup and cleaning every six months.

A regular dental check-up usually includes:

  • A complete dental exam: which includes an assessment of your teeth, gums, and tongue. One of the priorities with this exam is to confirm there are no signs or symptoms of disease.
  • X-rays: after the oral exam your dentist will most likely take x-rays of your teeth. This may depend your age, any signs observed during the exam, or not having previous x-rays on record. These X-rays help identify any problems that may not be visible from the exam, such as problems with the jawbones, impacted teeth, abscesses, or tooth decay. If you are pregnant it is important to let your dentist know and they will not have you get x-rays at this visit.
  • Professional Cleaning: the last step is a professional cleaning by the dental hygienist or dentist. Specific instruments are used to remove plaque and tartar build up from the gum line near the bottom of the teeth. This build up is difficult to remove with traditional tooth brushes and floss and can cause the development of gum-disease and cavities. After removing the plaque your teeth will be brushed, polished, and rinsed clean.

How long before you should schedule your next visit?

As you leave your appointment your dentist will likely tell you when they would like to see you next. If you have not been maintaining regular visits, they may ask to see you in less than 6 months for another thorough cleaning. If your exam and X-rays show that your gums and teeth are in great shape, they will likely ask for you to return in 6 months. The best approach is to schedule your next visit as you leave, this will help you maintain routine dental visits and optimal oral health.

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