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Smash Cancer Tennis Tournament

Edgerton and Glenn is happy to announce we are once again an annual donor to “Smash Cancer” in support of their 7th Smash Center Tennis Tournament. The tournament will be held at Althea Gibson Tennis Center, right here at Empie Park, in Wilmington, NC, from May 13th to 15th. Originally created in loving memory of Beatrice Lillian Howard and Leslie C Howard, the main goal of Smash Cancer is to raise awareness for head and neck cancer improving early detection and treatment in order to improve treatment outcomes. In addition to the tennis tournament itself, physicians will be available to provide free screening for oral, head, and neck cancer.


Of these cancers, oral cancer is the largest group of cancers located in the head and neck. Common names for oral cancer include mouth cancer, tongue cancer, and throat cancer. Approximately 48,250 individuals in the United States will be newly diagnosed with this cancer in 2016 alone. While other causes can occur, most people will be diagnosed with oral cancer due to tobacco or alcohol use or through exposure to HPV-16 virus.

Dentists are often the first line of defense in early detection of oral cancer. Oral cancer screenings, or the checking of the soft tissue of your mouth, are part of your routine dental checkups and can help to catch oral cancer in its early stages. Additionally, if you have any sore, discoloration, irritation, difficulty swallowing, or other potential symptoms, not resolved within a two week period, it may require further inspection or referral. Likewise, be sure to let your dentist know of any changes to your mouth, throat, or gums that you may have experienced since your last visit.

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If you are due for your routine dental visit, please contact us today and we hope to see you all at the Smash Cancer Tennis Tournament the second weekend in May!

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