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Inlays and Onlays From Our Wilmington, NC Dentists

Dentists Wilmington, NC Inlays And OnlaysInlays and onlays from Dr. Edgerton and Dr. Glenn, our dentists in Wilmington, NC, make it possible to replace unsightly and unhealthy metal fillings with beautiful, long-lasting, tooth-colored restorations. Amazing CEREC technology offers this simple and cost effective treatment in about an hour! Our CEREC machine digitally scans your teeth, and then custom mills your exact fit porcelain inlay or onlay, which fits onto your tooth like a puzzle piece. They are applied in a single appointment. You can walk in with a sore tooth and out with a beautiful CEREC restoration.

Increasingly strong materials used in inlays and onlays enable more conservative restorative procedures. They are more advanced and easier on the patient than crowns or root canals. These white or tooth-colored materials match your existing teeth and only cover areas of damaged tooth structure. Crowns require the removal of much more tooth structure. That's why inlays and onlays are better for maintaining the natural look and strength of your smile.

An inlay is like a porcelain puzzle piece that seamlessly covers the grooves between the cusps (high points) of your teeth. An onlay is applied to a greater amount of the tooth surface, including grooves and cusps. When expertly applied by a skilled cosmetic dentist in Wilmington, NC such as Drs. Edgerton and Glenn, inlays and onlays can restore a great amount of function to a previously damaged tooth. Read this to learn more.

Can inlays and onlays from our dentists in Wilmington, NC help you? Drs. Edgerton and Glenn would be happy to discuss your individual case and the benefits of tooth-colored CEREC inlays and onlays with you. Contact Edgerton and Glenn for your consultation today!

Drs. Edgerton and Glenn's practice is located in Wilmington, NC  near Landfall community, Mayfaire Town Center, Wrightsville Beach and Porters Neck.

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Thanks to advances in cosmetic dental care and related dental technologies, the brighter, healthier smile you've always dreamed about can be a reality. All it takes are the skilled hands of a specially trained cosmetic dentist, one with an artist's eye and years of experience needed to create a customized treatment plan that's right for your smile and you.

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