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Dentures in Wilmington, NC

Dentures Wilmington NCAre you ready to enjoy a more comfortable, more functional tooth-replacing full or partial dentures? Drs. Edgerton and Glenn are exceptionally skilled in the latest dental technology and are thrilled to offer you the best dentures on the market. If you're looking for a dentist for dentures in Wilmington NC, look no further.

It makes no difference whether you need a full or a partial denture from our Wilmington, NC family dentistry practice. We offer the highest functioning options on the market today. Full dentures replace all the teeth while partials replace only some missing teeth while using the remaining teeth. Both of our Wilmington dentists have extensive post graduate education from the Pankey Institute, and are adept at recommending the best, most advanced options based on individual scenarios.

Dentures That Fit

Dental technology has advanced tremendously in the past 10 years. Those advancements apply to dentures, too. We offer full or partial dentures that stay snug. Chew as you normally chew. Drink like you normally drink. Your comfort is our main focus. Your new teeth are designed to match the shape and color of your natural teeth. They are guaranteed to boost your confidence and make you look younger.

While you may be turned off by the idea of them, the natural look and feel of our dentures will help ease your mind. Edgerton and Glenn understands the difficulty in accepting tooth loss by focusing on the power of possible restorations. We will design a tooth replacement plan that works with you. We will listen to your concerns along the way. Learn more about dentures here.

Find out what you have to gain by being a patient of Wilmington Drs. Edgerton and Glenn. They are happy to explain your best options with you. Call for a consultation today.

Drs. Edgerton and Glenn provide attractive and very functional tooth replacement options in Wilmington, NC and are located close to Mayfaire Town Center, Landfall Community and Wrightsville Beach, NC.

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Thanks to advances in cosmetic dental care and related dental technologies, the brighter, healthier smile you've always dreamed about can be a reality. All it takes are the skilled hands of a specially trained cosmetic dentist, one with an artist's eye and years of experience needed to create a customized treatment plan that's right for your smile and you.

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