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Crowns and Bridges Wilmington, NC Area Dentistry

Dentistry Hampstead, NC Crowns And BridgesPeople with significant tooth decay or even tooth loss have hope for a beautiful and healthy smile through our Wilmington, NC family dentistry office with crowns and bridges. Our artful restorations are match your natural smile. More importantly, our crowns and bridges let you eat, chew and speak comfortably again, even if your teeth have undergone serious damage.

Are you experiencing moderate to severe local pain in a specific tooth or multiple teeth? Do you have excessive decay or a large, older filling that poses a risk of fracture? We offer first class restorative dentistry, including a crown or bridge, that may be the perfect solution for you. Crowns and bridges today are incredibly realistic. They boost tooth support in revolutionary ways.

How Crowns and Bridges Work

Crowns restore teeth to health, function and appearance after root-canal therapy or a large break. The custom porcelain crown fits over the entire tooth structure. It increases strength, function, comfort and appearance. We offer CEREC services so many patients can get their crown created in a single visit.

Bridges are a replacement for gaps in your smile. The gaps resulting from tooth loss are filled by cosmetic replacement teeth which are anchored in place by the surrounding natural teeth. Porcelain crowns on surrounding teeth hold the bridge in place and are incredibly durable. Bridges help the mouth maintain ideal tooth positioning which helps maintain a healthy jaw bone density and improves other aspects of oral health through restorative dentistry. Get more information about treatments for dental decay.

Take care of tooth pain before it becomes a bigger problem. Consult with Wilmington, NC dentist, Dr. Edgerton and Dr. Glenn regarding your oral health and the role of modern crowns and bridges. Call for a consultation today!

Drs. Edgerton and Glenn offer top dental work for Wilmington, Hampstead, and Leland, NC.

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Thanks to advances in cosmetic dental care and related dental technologies, the brighter, healthier smile you've always dreamed about can be a reality. All it takes are the skilled hands of a specially trained cosmetic dentist, one with an artist's eye and years of experience needed to create a customized treatment plan that's right for your smile and you.

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